valid in ski and glacier world Zillertal 3000 (=Hintertuxer Gletscher, Eggalm, Rastkogel, Finkenberg, Penken/Mayrhofen, Ahorn)
Zillertal Super Ski Pass (valid in the entire Zillertal valley)


This summit round trip of the western Zillertal Alps was dedicated to the extrem mountain climber Peter Habeler for his 70th birthday. The native Zillertaler became acquainted in 1978 by the common ascent with Reinhold Messner on the Mount Everest at 8.848 meters sea level without oxygen.

The starting points of the six-stage hiking tour are the mountaineering villages Ginzling in  Zillertal or St. Jodok in Wipptal. However, the 56-kilometer long hiking trail can also be directly crossed from Hintertux, from the Schlegeiss storage, over the Pfitschtal or via the Brennerpass.

Height Profile

Höhenprofil Peter-Habeler-Runde

Route Description

Start from Hintertux Glacier 

Today it's the best to begin slowly. The following days will be exhausting! How about a small trip to the Nature's Ice Palace before you meet the challenge of the Peter Habeler round? The three glacier cable cars bring you to 3.250 m above sea level to the Geforene Wand. From there you have the possibility to take part at the one-hour guided tour in the wonderful world of ice. You will be enchanted! Afterwards you take the Glacier Bus 3 to go one station down to the Tuxer Fernerhaus (2.660 m). Take the rocky trail no. 526, which leads to the Friesenbergscharte in about 1.75 hours via gravel, snow and ice fields. Crossing the ridge, it descends steeply downhill along the Friesenbergsee, from where the trail leads steeply uphill over serpentines. Afterwards, we continue on a small section along the "Berliner Höhenweg" to the Olperer Hütte (2,389 m), the real starting point of the Peter Habeler round. From the Friesenbergsee to the Olperer Hütte you walk about 2.5 hours through a fascinating mountain landscape with a wonderful view, which gives you the right feeling for the coming tour.

From the Olperer Hütte the six day stages start.

Gletscherbus Funitel in Hintertux

The cable car takes you comfortably to the starting point of the challenging hike.

Stage 1: Olperer Hütte – Pfitscherjoch Haus

ascent/descent: 430/570 metres, duration: 3,5 hrs, distance: 8,7 kilometres

The first stage follows path no. 502 in the direction of Unterschrammachkar (2,280 m). After a short ascent below the Ameiskopf (2,400 m), the trail no. 528 passes by glacier lifts to Kastenschneid and below the Stamplkees to the Pfitscherjochhaus (2.276 m), the oldest protection hut of South Tyrol! Don't forget your ID! The around 9,000 year old alpine crossing invites you to enjoy. In addition, you are on the path of the former smugglers who brought raw materials like sugar, corn, wine, fat or even car tires across the Italian-Austrian border.

Höhenprofil Peter-Habeler-Runde

Höhenprofil Olperer Hütte - Pfitscherjoch Haus 

Stage 2: Pfitscherjoch Haus – Landshuter Europa-Hütte

ascent/descent: 675/250 metres, duration: 3 hrs, distance: 8,2 kilometres

After a relaxing night and a hearty breakfast in the Pfitscherjochhaus, you continue along the very scenic Landshuter Höhenweg (No. 3 and No. 528) along the border. This stage leads past many small lakes, is very diverse and will certainly not be boring. You reach the Landshuter Europa-Hütte on 2,693 metres above sea level over the Friedrichshöhe and a rugged stone landscape. In this hut you find yourself at the same time in Austria and in Italy, the national border runs right through the inn.

Höhenprofil Peter-Habeler-Runde

Höhenprofil Pfitscherjoch Haus - Landshuter Europa-Hütte 

Stage 3: Landshuter Europa-Hütte – Geraer Hütte 

ascent/descent: 1.195/1.550 metres, duration: 6,5 hrs, distance: 16,5 kilometres

Today the longest of the six stages is on the agenda. From the Landshut Europa Hut, you go over block-shaped terrain along Geistbeckweg no. 529 to the Sumpfschartl (2,666 m). The other trail usually runs comfortably with the exception of a constriction on the Langen Wand, which is secured by ladders and wire ropes. Crossing the Stierkar, the Zeischbach and the Inner Zeischalm you reach the Gasthaus Touristenrast (1,345 m). Here the name should be program. The sunny beer garden and local dishes invite you to stop before continuing along Almenweg Nr. 502 to the valley station of the material cable car and over many serpentines to the Ochsner Hütte. From Ochsen Hütte you follow the path over two streams to the already visible Geraer Hütte (2,324 m).

Höhenprofil Peter-Habeler-Runde

Höhenprofil Landshuter Europa-Hütte - Geraer Hütte 

Stage 4: Geraer Hütte – Tuxerjoch Haus

ascent/descent: 800/810 metres, duration: 5 hrs, distance: 9,9 kilometres

On the fourth day you start from the Geraer Hütte northwards on route No. 527 to the Steinernen Lamm challenging in the new stage. First you go over old Gletschermoränen, through the anterior Höllwand, over the Kleegrubenscharte, Kasererscharte and Frauenwand, until you finally reach the Tuxerjochhaus (2,313 m) over lush green alpine pastures. 
A hearty snack for the end of the day was earned after this tour!

Höhenprofil Peter-Habeler-Runde

Höhenprofil Geraer Hütte - Tuxerjoch Haus 

Stage 5: Tuxerjoch Haus – Friesenberg Haus
ascent/descent: 910/740 metres, duration: 5 hrs, distance: 8,4 kilometres 

Well recovered and with new strength is launched in the penultimate day. First, go down the path no. 326 to the Lärmstange. Then turn towards the south-east to the Spannagelhaus (2,531 m), from where you reach the Friesenbergscharte (2,911 m). Here you are at the highest point of the whole Peter-Habeler-Round. You can enjoy a breathtaking view over the impressive mountains
Over several serpentines this time you pass the Friesenberg lake straight ahead and after a small descent you reach the penultimate day destination, the Friesenberghaus (2.498 m).

Höhenprofil Peter-Habeler-Runde

Höhenprofil Tuxerjoch Haus - Friesenberghaus 

Stage 6: Friesenberg Haus – Olperer Hütte
ascent/descent: 220/310 metres, duration: 2,5 hrs, distance: 4,4 kilometres

On the last morning, you go a bit downhill to the Friesenberg Lake, then you climb up via steep winding paths. Via a short section of the Berliner Höhenweg 526 you reach the last stop, the Olperer Hütte (2,389 m). Once there you should have a brake with a hearty snack from Katharina and her Olperer team. Before starting the descent to the starting point you have to enjoy the view of the big picture window.   A nice alternative option would be to go back the way over the Schlegeisspeicher. The entire descent you will see the idyllic lake.

Höhenprofil Peter-Habeler-Runde

Höhenprofil Friesenberg Haus - Olperer Hütte 

Interactive Hiking Map

Plan your personal Peter-Habeler-round with the interactive hiking map!

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