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valid in ski and glacier world Zillertal 3000 (=Hintertuxer Gletscher, Eggalm, Rastkogel, Finkenberg, Penken/Mayrhofen, Ahorn)
Zillertal Super Ski Pass (valid in the entire Zillertal valley)

Construction archive Spannagelhaus

Today, the last little things are still done, so that the new Spannagelhaus can be opened tomorrow!

The electricians have completed all work and the cleaning crew is still busy. The new Spannagelhaus is already diligently granted.

The carpenters have finished their work this week and our cleaning team is already busy. The entire outdoor area should be ready in the middle of next week.

The carpenters are currently busy with the installation of the parlors and in the kitchen final installation work is carried out. All exterior work is ready.

In the interior, the natural stone floors are currently being laid and worked on the kitchen installation. The entire dispensing technology is already installed. On the roof, the last plumbing work was completed.

The facade is ready! The roofer has worked hard and mounted all tiles. The tilers are working in the wet rooms and the carpenters in the rooms. The stove is already installed in the kitchen and the heating is already running.

The outer facade of the new Spannagelhaus is currently being processed by the roofer. The kitchen builders have already started inside, and the carpenters are already assembling the ceilings and wood paneling in the rooms.

The tilers have already begun indoors in the Spannagelhaus. The plasterboard walls on the 1st floor are also finished. At the moment, the battens for the shingle cladding are being mounted on the outer facade, and the stonemason is in the process of completing the stone façade. The supply line for water and electricity is completed and the electricity is connected.

 August 2013

Inside, the entire screed has been laid and the façade and full thermal insulation have also been completed this week. The roofer is busy working on the completion of the Prefa shingled roof. On the outer facade of the stone mason the facade stones are attached. Inside, the installers and electricians are currently working on the installations.

The work of the construction company Rieder is completed and on Monday, the crane is already dismantled. In the basement, the ground and the first floor was started with laying the screed. The installers were also busy, because so far, all installations are done. Outside, the installation of the full thermal insulation began.

The plasterers have already started work in the basement. The raw installations are currently being installed in the new kitchen and in the tavern area. All partition walls were finished concreted this week. Before the carpenter has finished the attic, the new ventilation unit was installed in the attic. In addition, work has begun on the supply line for water and electricity from the Tuxer Fernerhaus to the Spannagelhaus.

The last ceiling and the sun terrace were concreted. In the basement and on the ground floor, the partition walls are set up and the first installations of electricians and installers are already done. The first gable walls were placed on the roof.

 July 2013

The ceiling above the ground floor was completely concreted. In the basement and on the ground floor, the electricians are already completing the installation work. The first walls of the upper floor have also been started and part of the exterior insulation is also in progress.

The walls on the ground floor were concreted and the first contours of the new Spannagelhaus can already be seen.

The cellar rooms are ready and the basement ceiling is concreted on weekends. The ceiling inserts of the electricians as well as the floor cables and procedures of the installers are also laid. Starting on Monday, the walls for the ground floor will be shuttered and then concreted.

The floor slab is already finished and the basement walls are already standing. The shuttering of the first ceiling is just starting.

 June 2013

Half a meter of fresh snow on Monday was the reason that the construction site was shut down for just under 2 days! The driveway was not possible and the snow did the rest. Nevertheless, final excavation work could be completed and already a part of the foundation slab was concreted.

Excavation work for the new Spannagelhaus was successfully completed! The installers diligently lay pipes to connect to the existing duct. The first concreting work for the cleanliness layer was also started.

In recent days, the interior of the Spannagelhaus has been cleared. Thus, the demolition work could begin. The resulting demolition material was sorted on site and loaded into containers.

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