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valid in ski and glacier world Zillertal 3000 (=Hintertuxer Gletscher, Eggalm, Rastkogel, Finkenberg, Penken/Mayrhofen, Ahorn)
Zillertal Super Ski Pass (valid in the entire Zillertal valley)

Kölsche Week (defect)

2018 we will celebrate "14 years Kölsche Week" in Hintertux. We are looking forward to a great program with many artists from Cologne. The Kölsche Woche is organized as usual by "Rabaue" and Peter "Funny" van den Brock.

The highlight of the Kölsche Week: The performance of the HÖHNER on 23 March 2018 !!!

And for those, who do not have time at this period, there is the Kölsch Easter Week from the 2nd of April to the 8th of April!

More information will follow!

The program: 


  • Samstag, 17.03.2018

21.30 Uhr     PaperlaPUB Kölsche Stimmung mit unserem DJ

  • Sonntag, 18.03.2018

10.00 am     bottom station Gletscherbahn On Snow Skiguiding with Marco and Christian
01.30 pm     Hotel Hohenhaus relaxed hiking tour from Hotel Hohenhaus over the Hintertuxer Höhenweg to the Opening
02.00 pm     Hohenhaus Tenne tune in to the KÖLSCHE WEEK with potatoe cakes; Music: Markus and the Nord Stars and the            Bremsklötz 
04.00 pm     Hohenhaus Tenne Opening KÖLSCHE WOCHE; Welcome and keg tagging; Music: Mini Marille and TT-Tanzcorps
05.15 pm     Hohenhaus Tenne Lupo and the "jungen Trompeter"
09.30 am     PapperlaPub "Kölsche" mood with our DJ

  • Monday, 19.03.2018

09.30 am     Hotel Hohenhaus hiking tour with  "Prinzenführer and Adjutant Schuster (Rabaue)" to the Bichlalm 
10.00 am     Sommerberg Meeting Point On Snow Ski-Guiding to the Bichlalm 
11.00 am     Bichlalm Frühschoppen with Markus and the Nord Stars, the "jungen Trompeter", Bremsklötz and the Kalauer
05.15 pm     Hohenhaus Tenne Domstürmer 
09.30 pm    PapperlaPub "Kölsche" mood with our DJ

  • Tuesday, 20.03.2018

11.00 am     Piste Sommerberg On Snow Ski-Race/Fun-Race/Snowtubing/Fun-Football
12.00 am     Piste Sommerberg picnic on the slopes with music  
02.30 pm     Sommerberg Arena Kempes Feinest, TT-Tanzcorps and the Kalauer
05.15 pm     Hohenhaus Tenne Geri the Klostertaler
09.30 pm     Almhit Kölscher music evening Markus and the Nord Stars, Lupo and the Bremsklötz 

  • Wednesday, 21.03.2018

07.45 am     bottom station Gletscherbahn Early-Bird-Skiing  with Brunch at the Wirtshaus am Tuxer Ferner
10.00 am     bottom station Gletscherbahn On Snow Ski Test 
10.30 am     Excursion from hotel schnapps drying at Stiegenhaushof in Schwendau; lunch break with music at Kasermandl in Vorderlanersbach
02.00 pm     Sommerberg Meeting Point On Snow Ski-Test 
05.15 pm     Hohenhaus Tenne the Filue and Susal the Partyhexe
09.30 pm     PapperlaPUB Musicsession: the instruments are ready! 

  • Thursday, 22.03.2018 

10.00 am     Sommerberg Meeting Point On Snow Höhenfressertag  
02.00 pm     Sommerberg Meeting Point On Snow Ski-Guiding
05.15 pm     Hohenhaus Tenne Rabaue
09.30 pm     Hotel Klausnerhof KÖLN MEETS ZILLERTAL Domstürmer, Markus and the Nord Stars and the Filue

  • Friday, 23.03.2018

10.00 am     Sommerberg Meeting Point On Snow Ski-Guiding  
01.00 pm     Sommerberg Arena HINTERTUXER GLETSCHER OPEN AIR with Höhner, Rabaue, Domstürmer, Melissa Naschenweng,                             Mini Marille, Moderation: Funny and DJ Mox  
06.30 pm     Hohenhaus Tenne After Show Party with Kempes Feinest

  • Saturday, 24.03.2018



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