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TV tip: "Gipfelsieg" - The will moves mountains

30.12.2017 at 17.00 p.m. on ORF III

The  association RollOn Austria brought to life in October 2012 the TV discussion series "Gipfelsieg". In each broadcast, two strong personalities talk about their personal summit victories under moderator Barbara Stöckl. On November 20th, 2017, the 21st issue of the television series was recorded in the Wirtshaus am Tuxer Ferner on the Hintertux Glacier. The doctor in a wheelchair Martina Handle and the extreme climber Peter Habeler had a very touching, but also funny conversation. On Saturday, the 30th of December at 5.10 p.m. the transmission will be broadcasted on "ORF III Culture and Information".

Martina Handle: "It was a normal flight, normal weather, I already had more difficult situations. During the approach, a gust of wind caught me and pushed me against a tree and then I hit the ground. Within 10 seconds I knew that I had a cross section. As a doctor, I knew immediately what was going on. "

Peter Habeler: "In the mountains it needs a lot of helpfulness and that is lost more and more today. Everything is possible and to say that if something happens to me, someone will already pick me up, is devastating. But that's todays life style."

Martina Handle was born in 1965 and grew up in Zürs. She studied medicine in Innsbruck, where she met her husband Gerhart. In 1991 they married. Together they have two children. Together they have lived the enthusiasm for the sport. Hang gliding since 1987, several competitions ao. Women's World Cup and annual worldwide cross-country competitions, high altitude mountaineering such as Chimborazzo, Cotopaxi and other peaks in South America, Grossglockner and Mont Blanc in Europe, kitesurfing, rock climbing and mountain biking. Somehow she brought everything under one roof and opened in 1997 her general medical ordination focusing on nutrition and sports medicine. Since 2005, Dr. med. Handle is a family doctor in Mühlau, Innsbruck. She leads an intense, busy and very happy life. Thus her aviation accident in May 2016 was a big break in her life. But with the help of her family and friends, she has regained her joie de vivre and is back in her ordination eight months after the accident.

The extreme mountaineer Peter Habeler became world famous in 1978, when together with Reinhold Messner he managed the first ascent of Mount Everest without additional oxygen. "Everest was not defeated, it just tolerated me, and if there's any talk of victory, it's about winning over your own body, about fear," says the popular alpinist. Peter Habeler have defeated five eight-thousanders.  However, the great passion of the famous man of the Zillertal has always been the peak in the home country.

Further broadcast dates: 02.01.2018 / 04:50 a.m.; 03.01.2018 / 09:00 a.m.; 04.01.2018 / 05:00 a.m.; 12.01.2018 / 05:45 a.m.

behind: extreme mountaineer Peter Habeler, moderator Barbara Stöckl, Andreas Dengg from the Zillertal Gletscherbahn GmbH & Co KG                                                    front: Doctor Martina Handle, initiator Marianne Hengl

The supervisor Marianne Hengl of the association "RollOn Austria - We are handicapped" made already a trip to the Hintertux Glacier together with the extreme climber Peter Habeler in the summer.

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